Paul Casella

Pol CasellaEffective Scientific Writing for Urologists

2 hours

A clear and reasoned presentation of ideas is critical to the success of a scientific manuscript. This seminar examines the structures and positions of emphasis in the sentence, paragraph, and sections of the formal study to help authors authorize their claims. Includes a test of reasoning that authors can apply to the articles they read and the papers they write.

This session will also address how authors can use a systematic approach to the writing process to improve the content and presentation of their ideas in a manuscript for submission. Includes suggestions about how to address the needs of the reviewers, editors and readers of a journal to improve your chances of publication. Also emphasizes how to write helpful peer reviews, CVs, personal statements, and grant applications.

Speaking for Success

1 to 2 hours

This course reviews how adults learn as a means to examine effective delivery techniques to engage scientific and clinical peer audiences. Provides practical information on how to deliver powerful oral and PowerPoint presentations in the classroom, the conference room, the auditorium, and at the regional or national meeting.

Includes a discussion of voice, inflection, body language, techniques to stimulate interest and involvement, and strategies to help facilitate audience recall of the message. Addresses how to prepare for a presentation, how to manage anxiety, and how to design and use posters and visual aids effectively.

Effective Interpersonal Skills for Patient-Centered Care

1 to 2 hours

This session examines verbal and non-verbal communication skills essential for providing patient-centered care and for building rapport and interacting one-on-one with patients and colleagues alike. Describes how to alter and emphasize your communication style for different learners, situations, purposes and environments. Discusses ways to build effective working relationships with patients, peers and staff. Addresses how to deal with upset individuals or conflict situations.

Individualized Presentation Skills Training

30 minutes per individual

A private consultation with a speaking coach. The participant gives a short presentation that is recorded on video. The coach reviews the video with the speaker and offers suggestions to improve the power of the delivery and the presentation of the content. The speaker and coach repeat this process to refine the delivery and emphasize the main points. The speaker keeps the video, which includes the coach’s comments.

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